"Really intelligent, infectious and effective, this London-based quintet take their inspiration from Wolof cross rhythms from Senegambia" - Froots

Batch Gueye - vocals/dance

Tom Challenger - sax/keys

Phil Stevenson - guitar

Johnny Brierley - bass

Kaw Secka - sabar

Dave Smith - drums

"Fofoulah have set sail toward an original sound" - The Wire

Bene bop ep (2013)

“I will say that this is one of the most invigorating albums I’ve heard this year and that every time I go back and focus on any element I lose connection with the music so I basically leave it as it should be heard – as one entity and a great one at that” - Andy Snipper (Music News)

Out September 19th 2014


Stunning debut LP from London's latest electro-African sensation.

Featuring guest performances from Ghostpoet, Batch Gueye, Juldeh Camara, Iness Mezel and Justin Adams.

Available as CD, LP and Download.

Purchase CD / gatefold LP HERE - comes with beautiful 16 page pull-out booklet. Artwork by Boštjan Pavletič.

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"West Africa like you never heard it before. Not to be missed!" Tropicalidad (BE)

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